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New Curved Stays and OS Bottom Bracket Shells

Fitting wide tires and/or fenders between road cranks can be a challenge. René Herse was a master of frame design, who curved his chainstays ‘just so’ to create the room he needed. On the tandem above, not a single millimeter … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Natsuko’s Trip to Rishiri Island

In this guest post, Bicycle Quarterly editor Natsuko Hirose takes you to Rishiri Island, off Hokkaido’s coast in northern Japan. Translated from Natsuko’s blog Touge to Onsen: From the northernmost town in Hokkaido, Wakkanai, there is a ferry that goes … Continue reading

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Back in Stock: MKS Allways Pedals and Kaisei Fork Blades

The MKS Allways pedals are back in stock. The video above shows how the super-smooth cartridge bearings make these spin almost forever. The slightly concave platform allows optimum pedaling efficiency without the need for foot retention. Made in Japan, these may … Continue reading

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Tubular Stays and Other Fender News

Many years ago, a big magazine published a note about Honjo fenders, which were just starting to trickle into the United States, and noted: “We are charmed by the idea that there actually are fender snobs.” Those days are long … Continue reading

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How Long Do Compass Tires Last?

One of the less-noticed results of the ‘Wide Tire Revolution’: Our tires last a lot longer these days. When I rode 20 mm-wide tires, I rarely got more than 1300 km (800 miles) out of a set of performance tires. … Continue reading

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BQ Skills: Ghost Riding

Most of us remember when we learned to ride a bike. The incredible feel of balancing on two wheels – it felt like flying. Over the following days, months and years, our skills improved. First we learned to ride without … Continue reading

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Myth 15: Marginal Gains

‘Marginal gains’ are the latest buzzword in cycling. The idea is that many tiny improvements can add up to make a meaningful difference. Make 10 changes that each save 3 Watts, and you’ll have gained 30 Watts… Think of Greg … Continue reading

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