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Separated Cycle Paths – A Summary

When I criticized the new “cycle path” in Seattle – the first of many that the city plans to install – I was surprised by the number of comments (more than 260), but even more about how much agreement there … Continue reading

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Flèche 2013

Last weekend we rode our 2013 Flèche Northwest. The Flèche is a wonderful event that combines much of what I love about randonneuring. You select your own route, you ride as a team, and you finish together. Traditionally, the Flèche … Continue reading

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Bike to Work 2: Where to Ride?

Many cyclists wonder whether it is safer to ride to the very right of the road – out of the way of cars – or whether they should “take the lane” and ride in the middle of the lane as … Continue reading

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The Hill of Neauphle-le-Château

In the René Herse book, there is a chapter on the 1945 Omnium des Cyclotouristes, which included a climb up the steep cobblestone hill at Neauphle-le-Château near Paris. One of the riders, Paulette Porthault, remembered: “Oh it was awful, all … Continue reading

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Bike to Work Month: Riding Safely

May is “Bike to Work” month. With winter weather behind for most of us, it’s a great time to use your bicycle more often for transportation, and not just for recreation. Cycling for transportation for most of us means that … Continue reading

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An Impromptu Adventure

Ryan’s e-mail started like this: “I haven’t cycled on the San Juan lslands for a long time. We could leave in the afternoon and catch the 10:30 PM ferry to Orcas. We would be on top of Mt Constitution by … Continue reading

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Wish We Could Ride Into This Photo

Tim Bird brings Yorkshire, England to Bicycle Quarterly readers. We eagerly anticipate every one of his adventures and stories. (The latest is in the Spring 2013 Bicycle Quarterly.) He immerses us in the landscape, culture and history of the countryside. … Continue reading

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Our Own 300 km Brevet

Mark and I were signed up to do the Seattle Randonneur’s 300 km brevet last weekend. A few days before the brevet, it snowed, and the organizers decided to play it safe and cancel the brevet. Mark and I decided … Continue reading

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The Fleche and Decoding Its Rules

The Flèche 24-hour team ride is my favorite highlight of the early randonneuring season. We are planning our ride right now – the event usually is held around Easter. We hope to inspire you to join a Flèche team as … Continue reading

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Springtime: A Time to Rediscover

Every spring as we head into the mountains again, it is exciting to rediscover the roads that we love. For us, each season has its particular routes. The spring rides are some of our favorites. Heading to Index for the … Continue reading

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Getting Your Bike Ready for Randonneuring

A number of readers have asked about randonneuring, and more specifically, about which bike is best to get started with randonneuring. I recommend that you gradually ease into long-distance riding, and also incrementally change your equipment as you gain more … Continue reading

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Winter Base Miles

Now that it’s February, our winter rest is over. We are starting to build a base for the coming cycling season. That means riding long distances at a moderate pace. It can be hard to get going for these rides. … Continue reading

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Rides to Remember

When it is cold and foggy outside, or when the rain is beating down, I like to remember the days when it was summer. My mind wanders back to long hours of daylight, sunshine and memorable rides. Like last October, … Continue reading

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Staying Warm

Winter is a great time for riding around here. We have a choice between cold and sunny or  not-so-cold and rainy. If we can, we pick the sunshine, but that often means starting our rides when it is just below … Continue reading

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Exploring Backroads in Germany

I recently visited relatives in Germany. They live in Bavaria, in the corner between Austria and the Czech Republic. The “Bavarian Forest” is a lovely landscape that offers some of the best cycling anywhere. The name is deceptive, because most … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!

May the new year bring you wonderful rides and great memories!

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A Typical Ride

When you read this blog or Bicycle Quarterly, you may get the impression that all our rides go over hundreds of miles and involve at least three mountain passes on gravel roads. The reality is more prosaic. We live in … Continue reading

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Grand Bois “Extra Léger” Tires

Grand Bois tires are hard to improve, but that hasn’t kept us from trying. The result of years of research and development are the new Grand Bois Extra Léger (French for “extra light”) tires. This special casing is usually reserved … Continue reading

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An Impromptu Ride

On Monday, Seattle experienced a huge rainstorm as the rainy season arrived in earnest. By noon, more than 2 inches of rain had fallen in my neighborhood, and the wind gusts reminded me of Hurricane Sandy, which I experienced in … Continue reading

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Supporting a 600 km Brevet – Part 2

Last week, I posted about the first day of the Seattle International Randonneurs’ Autumn 600 km brevet. When we sent our riders on their way in the early hours of this second morning of the ride, we did not know … Continue reading

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