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Why Contact Points Matter: Handlebars

Riding long distances – especially on rough roads – puts different demands on your body and your bike than short and fast-paced races. The contact points with the bike become more important the longer you ride. These days, you don’t … Continue reading

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Oregon Outback: the event that changed all-road bikes

It’s hard to believe that the first Oregon Outback, that incredible 363-mile gravel race, was just five years ago. It’s almost like we live in a different world now, so much has changed… Back then, the idea of running a … Continue reading

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New Tires: Hurricane Ridge and Endurance Casings

Working with Ted King, winner of last year’s Dirty Kanza gravel race, has added a new perspective to our R&D. We’ve got a lot of experience riding gravel, even racing it, but today’s mass-start races aren’t the same as exploring … Continue reading

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What makes a tire corner well?

Like many cyclists, we love climbs, but we live for twisty downhills. The feeling of the bike leaning deep into a turn is something that is hard to explain, yet easy to enjoy. This video clip was taken on a … Continue reading

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The long road to dual-purpose knobbies

When Ted King recently won the Epic 150 gravel race in Missouri on our Rene Herse Steilacoom tires, many were surprised that he ran knobbies on a fast course. But there were a few muddy corners where the knobs would … Continue reading

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Myth 17: Bigger Wheels Roll Faster (Amended)

Note: The previous version of this post referred only to our study about road and all-road bikes. We erroneously extrapolated our study to mountain bikes. We should have known better – we usually don’t publish data that we haven’t validated in … Continue reading

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Berthoud Bags in Black-on-Black

Our entire line of Berthoud bags is now available in black-on-black, for a contemporary aesthetic that matches modern bikes. Unchanged is the outstanding performance, light weight and durability of these bags. Leather and canvas may seem like unlikely materials for … Continue reading

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