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All-Road Bikes are the Road Bikes of the Future

All-road bikes with wide tires are the hottest trend in cycling. There is a level of excitement that we haven’t seen since the mountain bike boom of the late 1980s: These new bikes bring new people into the sport, who … Continue reading

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Bon Jon Pass Review: “An Exceptional Tyre”

“An exceptional tyre that will make you faster and happier.” That was the verdict when the British web site tested our Bon Jon Pass tires recently. When we hear positive feedback, whether it’s from a professional tester or a customer, … Continue reading

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Ultralight Handlebar Bag Pre-Order

How do you make an ultralight bag? That was the first question when the Concours de Machines announced that the weight of the bikes included the bag. Peter Weigle worked very hard to get his fully equipped bike down to … Continue reading

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Myth 16: Higher Tire Pressure is Faster

This used to be one of the first things you learned as a cyclist: If you want to go fast, make sure your tires are pumped up to the maximum pressure. The harder your tires are inflated, the faster they … Continue reading

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What Makes a Good Winter Tire?

Winter riding is fun. The crisp air, the clear skies and the beautiful views. Getting out and breathing fresh air. There are many reasons to enjoy it. Winter riding requires preparation. The most obvious is clothing – which we’ll leave … Continue reading

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Tire Fit Gauge

How wide a tire can I fit on my bike? It’s a common question, and yet it’s difficult to figure out, especially when you plan to change wheel sizes. Hahn Rossman has developed a simple tire fit gauge that allows … Continue reading

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Back in Stock: Knickers and Handlebars

Our knickers are back in stock. They are sewn right here in Seattle in small batches, which can make it difficult to keep them in stock. Now all sizes are back. Inspired by the clothes worn by the stylish Japanese … Continue reading

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