Ted King’s Bike for Land Run 100

In his latest video, Ted King takes us around his bike for Land Run 100 and explains why he chose the Rene Herse Snoqualmie Pass 44 mm all-road tires, rather than knobbies, for the race across the red dirt of Oklahoma.

Click on full screen mode and enjoy!

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5 Responses to Ted King’s Bike for Land Run 100

  1. Kevon says:

    I am enjoying the occasional videos here. There should be better public awareness around tire sizing. 44c is not a size designation, yet it is the format I hear people use most often.

    • Jan Heine says:

      Agreed. Unfortunately, some in the tire industry have adopted ‘c’ as a short for ‘millimeter’ (perhaps confusing cm and mm?) – there is even a 650B x 47c tire…

  2. Ron Matthews says:

    Is it may imagination, or does the still picture show an upward slope to the handlebars? It is something that is unfamiliar to me. Is it a common layout for long distance riding?

    • Jan Heine says:

      Ted King’s handlebars do slope up. I assume he finds this more comfortable. This can work well, as it reduces the angle at which your wrists need to bend when you rest your hands on the ramps or the hoods.

    • wheelriderx says:

      If you ride with a healthy bend in your elbows, an upward slope (~8-12 degree) can help keep the wrists straight

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