Bicycle Quarterly Movie: A 30-Hour Ride

How do you test a bike like Mitch Pryor’s latest MAP All-Road? With its 48 mm-wide tires, fenders, racks and full lights, this is a bike designed for epic rides. How about taking it on a 30-hour, non-stop ride that traverses four mountain passes and crosses the crest of the Cascade Mountains twice?

Enjoy our little movie about this adventure! (Make sure to click on the ‘full-screen’ icon.)

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3 Responses to Bicycle Quarterly Movie: A 30-Hour Ride

  1. Paul Richard says:

    Excellent! A great adventure for sure. I’m planning a series of 2019 “Rinko” rides based on the stations of the Amtrak Downeaster train from Boston to Brunswick, Maine. I hope to film those with a little action camera mounted to my handlebars.

  2. Rick Thompson says:

    Rides across the Cascades – wonderful.
    Riding through the night on gravel roads – fantastic.
    Riding for 30 hours straight – you guys are nuts! I doubt any body part of mine would still enjoy riding after that, but I’m happy to read of your adventures.

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