Great Rides with Compass Tires

It’s been fun to see our Compass tires on some great trips recently. It’s one of the great things about social media – we can enjoy adventures from all over the world and be inspired by them.


Julien Verlyy seems to be riding all the time. His photos from the Pyrenees are especially inspirational. Steep climbs, small roads and verdant landscapes – a dream for cycling. You can follow him on Instagram under his handle croaam.

Andrew Mathias is cycling around the perimeter of the United Kingdom in 64 days. Averaging 78 miles daily and camping most of the way, he’ll cycle a total of 5000 miles, carrying all his kit. Follow his adventure on Instagram under mathias0487.

David Davies has been cycling all over Europe, all the way to Budapest and beyond. You can see impressions from his trip on Instagram under davidrichdavies.


Matthieu from Cycles Victoire loves exploring the backroads of France – above in the Auvergne. His photos make me envious. I want to be there! You can travel with him on Instagram under mattperruss.

Gabriel Amadeus recently went on a ride along the Columbia River to re-discover the places that have not been ravaged by this summer’s fires. His beautiful photos and story are on the Radavist web site.

Where did your adventures take you this summer?


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Spirited rides that zig-zag across mountain ranges. Bicycle Quarterly magazine and its sister company, Compass Cycles, that turns our research into high-performance components for real-world riders.
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14 Responses to Great Rides with Compass Tires

  1. Dr J says:

    I did 550mi over paved and unpaved roads in Maine this summer. On paved roads I wished I had Compass tires. They roll so nicely!
    On unpaved roads I was so glad I didn’t have Compass tires. The gravel was so coarse and chunky I would’ve been severely worried about durability of thin sidewalls. Clement X’Plor MSOs performed very well though…

  2. Jan, I often look at this blog with my 7 year old, fortunately not tonight. Profanity and the middle finger are not what I expected. Not judging the instagram / blogger just disappointed. On a positive note I am really enjoying the CdM feature in the latest BQ, keep up the good work and stay classy.

    • Harry, I don’t think you found profanity on this blog. If you follow the links, they obviously will take you off our site to places that are out of our control. If you encounter these with your child, it’s a good opportunity to talk about things they’ll be exposed to inevitably sooner or later.

  3. HaloTupolev says:

    I rode Rat Trap Pass on Rat Trap Pass.

    I wonder how many people from the area have, like me, felt compelled to take their tires on their namesakes.

    • Matt Galat, who is cycling the world on a recumbent trike, got upset when a Specialized tire blew up repeatedly while in China. He said: “Never buy a tire whose name is Detonator!!!”

      Jokes aside, I’d like to try a trike with 20″ Compass on tires.

    • I think it was last year when a group from the Seattle area cycled to all the passes that have lent their names to Compass tires. Bicycle Quarterly did a feature of taking the Bon Jon Pass tires to their namesake. Of course, many Babyshoe Pass tires have crossed that iconic pass, most recently during the Volcano High Pass Challenge. I saw Steilacoom tires race at the ‘cross race there. Perhaps the only one that hasn’t documented yet is the new Pumpkin Ridge, which is named after a mountain outside Portland known for its muddy conditions.

  4. katzenfinch says:

    My Babyshoes took me down Pilgrims Way in England, as well as into parts of France and Belgium.

  5. Jim says:

    I rode the Oregon Outback back in May with my LHT sporting Rat Trap Pass skins. I was glad I took Jan’s advice and used the RTP’s. Only the infamous Red Sauce gave me any difficulties. I never even readjusted my gravel pressure and blasted down the paved final descent to the Columbia. Great tires.

  6. Beautiful pictures my friend, The Gorge Backcountry route looks so fun to ride!

  7. morlamweb says:

    I don’t have any special or scenic adventures on my Compass RTP tires to note; just hundreds of miles of trouble-free, smooth, and comfortable daily transportation riding. Most of my riding is along the cracked, bumpy, pothole-ridden roads of Massachusetts, though a lot have also been along local rail trails, paved and stone dust. I did get out on the Cape Cod Rail Trail this year, though regretfully, only for a short bit. Hopefully, next summer, I can convince the sig other to go on a bike tour of Cape Cod with me…

    • Glad you enjoy the tires! If you can’t get away for long, perhaps it’s worth trying a short tour. Some of my most memorable rides have taken just 24 hours or less. Leave town after work, ride on some great roads until late at night, camp somewhere along the way, and return the following day…

  8. In early July I cycled in the very north of Norway. From the Lofoten to the North Cape, 1176 km in 8 days.

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