10 Favorite Photos from Bicycle Quarterly


We want to celebrate a great year with our 10 favorite photos from Bicycle Quarterly.

Tom Moran’s article about fatbiking to the “Magic Bus” in Alaska was not only a great story, but it also was accompanied by great photos (above).


Paris-Brest-Paris is full of captivating images, with riders from all over the world riding through villages of old stone buildings.


Long before “gravel riding” became a buzzword, we already explored the Cascade Mountains off the beaten path. Above are Hahn and Theo on the road to the ghost town of Monte Cristo.


The fun of the Bicycle Quarterly Un-Meeting is captured in this photo, even if it shows only a small part of the group.


Framebuilders’ shops have a different character than bikes and landscapes, here C. S. Hirose in Tokyo.


Sometimes, the most exciting parts of a ride aren’t on the bike: portaging across the North Fork of the Sauk River.


“Underbiking” means riding terrain that pushes the limits of what your bike can do: Natsuko Hirose on the old road to Jikkoku Pass.


Bike tests often take us to spectacular scenery, like the aptly named “Best Road” with Mount Baker in the background…


… or to lonesome mountain passes in the Japanese Alps.


Riding doesn’t need to stop when the sun goes down: Shirabiso Pass at midnight during the Nihon Alps Super Randonnée.

What were your favorite photos or stories from this year’s Bicycle Quarterly?

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  1. Daniel says:

    Not that I’m a fat biker (although I’d love to try riding one) but I really like the Tom Moran’s photo from Alaska. What a beautiful place.

  2. Grego says:

    Great photos, Jan & co.!

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