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To give you a better impression of Bicycle Quarterly, we have created an 33-page flip book online with a sampler of articles from recent issues.

Click here or on the images to get a virtual look at Bicycle Quarterly. In the flip book, you can read samples of a bike test, a technical article about tire performance, a historical article on women in randonneuring, a product test, and our “Skill” and “Icon” columns. The flip book provides an overview over the range of articles and the quality of presentation you can expect from Bicycle Quarterly.

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We often hear from new readers how surprised they are about the superb quality of photography, writing and printing in Bicycle Quarterly. We wish we could show the magazine to more potential readers…

One of the challenges for small magazines is that our newsstand presence is very limited. Newsstand sales typically make a loss, but they bump up circulation numbers, so magazines can charge their advertisers a higher ad rate. We are financed more than 90% by subscribers and less than 10% by advertisers, so we don’t benefit from artificially high circulation numbers. Of course, being financed by subscribers, rather than advertisers, is part of what makes Bicycle Quarterly unique…

flip book3

The flip book gives you an impression of Bicycle Quarterly, even if it cannot show the heavy archival paper and beautiful print quality. Enjoy the paging through the articles, and forward the link to your friends who may be interested in Bicycle Quarterly:

And if you like what you see, please subscribe. The risk is small – we offer a “Money Back” guarantee for the unused portion of your subscription, if you decide to change your mind.

About Jan Heine

Spirited rides that zig-zag across mountain ranges. Bicycle Quarterly magazine and its sister company, Rene Herse Cycles, that turns our research into the high-performance components we need for our adventures.
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10 Responses to Bicycle Quarterly Flip Book

  1. Rui says:

    In a world of mass production and look-at-me-i-am-desirable-and-pretty product, I find that reading Bicycle Quarterly is a refreshing and calming experience. I used to be a subscriber to several “normal” newstands magazine which I quickly stop since I discovered BQ.

    Jan is right when he writes about the quality of the printing or the photos. BQ is in a different league than the usual bicycle magazine and if you start to read it, you will find yourself unable to read an other newsstand magazine with tons of advertising, flashy and bold titles, unfocused pictures, randoms articles….

    I wish for an equivalent of BQ in french so that I could share it with non english speakers and spread the good word in France. I feel myself a bit lonely and foolish sometimes at the start of a BRM in the middle of all those carbon racers with no handlebag and clip on lights….

    Thanks to all your team to put together such a great read every 3 months and thank you again to pursue your quest for quality.
    Rui, France

  2. Jon says:

    Jan, when you list test bike geometry in Bicycle Quarterly, are all the measurements center-to-center? Thanks

  3. Guy Washburn says:

    The quality of BQ is lovely, which only makes us impatient for each issue. Has anyone gotten the Winter issue yet?

  4. Jon Spangler says:

    It’s easy to post to FB or Twitter with the link to Jan’s “flip-book.” It’s a great way to introduce BQ to your friends.

  5. Matt says:

    I think this a great way for people to familarize themselves with Bicycle Quarterly, which I agree is much more than the typical bicycle magazine. I often try to introduce fellow cyclists to BQ but have trouble deciding which volume to lend them. So, similar to a past post where you said BQ will be selling sets of magazines I often wish there was a ” best of ” volume. A single issue with your most influential articles in it would be a great way to introduce people to bicycle Quarterly.

    • marmotte27 says:

      “A single issue with your most influential articles in it would be a great way to introduce people to bicycle Quarterly.”

      That seems a great idea. I’d vote for the inclusion of “Are modern bikes faster?” into that issue.

  6. Charlie says:

    The Compass web store has become very slow. Might this book be to blame?

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