I was lucky, but still…



My trip to Asia reached a premature end. During the descent from Hehuanshan Pass, the highest road in southeast Asia, a car going in the opposite direction suddenly turned left right in front of me. Even though I was going at moderate speed, I could not avoid it. I hit the car’s side head-first…

I was very lucky to escape without life-changing injuries, but the impact was hard enough to break my shoulder, my arm, one or two vertebrae and a few ribs. Stefan, our German engineer in Taiwan, accompanied me to the hospital, first in Puli and then in Taichung. Care in Taiwan seemed overwhelmed by these complex injuries, and I was lucky that my friend Natsuko immediately came from Tokyo and got me on a plane to Seattle. The 20-hour trip was a bit of an ordeal, and we were so happy when we saw Hahn at the Seattle airport. He already had made arrangements, so we checked into the hospital, and a few days ago, surgery bolted my collarbone back together, so that my scapula can heal as well. (Two fractures had my left arm no longer connected to my torso by bones.) I am extremely grateful to these friends who have ensured that my outlook is as good as possible. Fortunately, a full recovery is expected.


I am encouraged that all the healing happens simultaneously, so the multiple injuries don’t mean it’ll take much longer to heal. I am looking forward to riding with my Seattle friends when the new cycling season starts again.

Meanwhile, the awesome crew at Compass Bicycles will fill your orders and handle Bicycle Quarterly subscriptions with their usual efficiency. Sometimes blog comments and other areas that I handle may take a bit longer in the coming months as I focus on healing first and foremost.


As I work through this long road to recovery, I remember the great cyclotouring adventures of the past month-and-a-half. One memorable trip was a 5-hour ship voyage to a mini-Hawaii off the Japanese coast, where we spent two beautiful days of cyclotouring organized by the Tokyo Cycling Association.


I’ll think of the amazing bikes and great company at the Hirose Owners’ Meeting. I’ll recall riding a 600 km Super Randonnée with 11,000 m of elevation gain through the autumn leaves of the Shinshu and Yatsugatake Mountains. I will cherish touring through the clouds in the mountains above Kyoto.


Visiting the factories that make our Compass products in Japan and Taiwan always is instructive, and discussing new ideas and projects was fun. And even the climb up the 3,422 m (11,227 ft) Hehuanshan was a great experience until it’s premature end. I’ll be busy writing all this up for Bicycle Quarterly and this blog over the coming months.


In the mean time, wish me well, and ride safely!

Click here for an update on Jan’s recovery.

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183 Responses to I was lucky, but still…

  1. Sorry to hear about your accident. Get well soon!

  2. marmotte27 says:

    Really shocked to hear you having such a horrible accident. Get well soon and completely.
    Gute Besserung und alles Gute!

  3. Gary Lindberg says:

    Wow, what a story. Praying for healing and patience during healing.

  4. jeffday777 says:

    Dear Jan,

    I’m so sorry to hear of your accident, and I’m glad you were able to get back to Seattle for its excellent health care. I hope you heal speedily and are able to get back on your bike soon.



  5. Harry Harrison says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  6. Paul Rance says:

    Heal well Jan.
    Terrible news! Accidents are always awful and, unfortunately, inevitable.
    Best wishes to you.

  7. Sels says:

    Damn. Sounds like the accident my friend had this summer while we were descending Soulor. So I know what you and the family are going through. Rest Well and heal fast! Olivier

  8. Jeff says:

    Greatful you’ll be back in the saddle before long. Yes may the force be with you and all the best for a quick journey to full recovery. Take care Jan.

  9. Cecile says:

    Full recovery announced… Wow. In the meantime take it easy this winter, hibernate a little, cuddle up, and then come back when you’re better with all your tests and crazy ideas that make life on a bike more of a passion with each one!

    • The doctors are optimistic, and the surgery seems to have gone well, but with two non-functional arms and a neck brace, the road to recovery won’t be easy. At least the ribs are healing well on their own. In the mean time, I appreciate all the good wishes.

  10. Vik says:

    Get better soon. I’ve had a number of close calls with left hooks on my bike and motorcycle in the past year. They are scary and so hard to avoid.

    I’m glad it wasn’t worse.

  11. David T. says:

    Jan, that is a bad crash and a terrible ordeal. I am really glad that you are all right; I know you will have the best wishes of so many people who have gotten to know you through the internet, not just your bikes and your riding, but you as a person.

    Take it easy, we won’t be surprised when you are back exploring the mountains.

  12. Im so sorry for your missfortune Jan. I’ll pray for your quick recovery but also hope you’ll find some peace in your convalescence. Take care bud.

  13. Marco says:

    Get well soon, Jan!

  14. rorymcdonagh says:

    I’m so glad you’re alive but feel so sad for your injuries. Will say a little prayer (though I’m not particularly religious) Heal quickly Jan Rory McDonagh

    Sent from my iPhone


  15. ewalstad says:

    Ugh, so sorry to hear about this. Wishing you a speedy recovery and best wishes.

  16. Get well soon, Jan. It’s good to know you have a wide community of friends, family and supporters to rally you through your recovery. Will be looking forward to more stories…

  17. Rod Holland says:

    Jan, best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery! One wonders what some drivers are thinking… and then one realizes they probably weren’t…

  18. Joe Ramey says:

    Speedy healing Jan! If you have to get hurt, late autumn after PBP is about the perfect time to do it. We know there are risks in cycling and we accept them for all the wonderful benefits. Enjoy the holiday season without having to worry about finding time to ride your bike. 🙂

  19. Tony P. says:

    Fast recovery. As you said, recovery won’t be easy, but as long as the Sawbones did his part and you do yours (physical therapy) it’ll be complete.
    Enjoy your time at home.

  20. David T. says:

    And let me be the first to add: How’s the bike? 🙂

    • It was a replaceable carbon-fiber Giant, so it’s natural that the bike escaped with minor scratches. When I pulled on the brake levers instinctively, I had no time to brace myself against the (low) handlebars, so I launched forward and off the bike. The bike probably was cushioned by my body.

  21. kentsbike says:

    You have a great attitude and a persistent spirit. Heal up soon, my friend.

  22. twc says:

    Here’s to a full recovery. I once hit the front corner of a car as I was descending at moderate speed. (As in your case, the car turned left in front of me.) The bike took the brunt of the initial impact with the car. The next major impact was me against the windshield (which shattered inward). Then up and over the car to land on the ground behind it. I was fortunate to have no broken bones, just two major hematomas and sadness at the realization that I would not be able to participate in a significant sporting event for which I had been training the better part of six months. And this was in the days before the texting epidemic. Now I am three times more careful, but probably (still) twice as much at risk!

  23. Bryan says:

    SO very sorry to hear this but glad the prognosis is good. You have a great attitude, one I can only hope to emulate after such a frightening and painful experience. Your support network of friends is remarkable. In that respect, you are the most fortunate man on the planet. My thoughts are with you for a quick and full recovery.

  24. Bob says:

    Wow! So sorry to hear this. But glad it wasn’t worse. Recovery will take time. And you’ll probably be good at predicting rain.
    Have a speedy recovery.

  25. Richard says:

    I was hit by a car last June while riding. The all too common “right hook”. I suffered a fractured wrist and some abrasions. Fortunately, after surgery, I was back riding in late July.
    Sometimes it’s just impossible to anticipate what a driver will do. Be safe out there.

  26. Eric Steig says:

    Jan. Wow. You do indeed have a great attitude and a persistent spirit. All the best.

  27. Brian says:

    I’ve never met you, but you are an inspiration. Thinking of you during your recovery!

  28. Harth says:

    This was truly shocking to read! I have no words to add that haven’t already been said. Still, I offer my best wishes to your healing through the recovery process, both mentally and physically.

  29. Bob says:

    Wow! Sounds like you’re very lucky! It must be a nightmare for a guy like you to be immobilized. I’d be glad to take you and a companion tooling around downtown for a few hours on my pedicab gratis. You can soak up some Christmas cheer, perhaps blast to the Space Needle and back so you can feel the wind on your face again. Or if necessary I can ride you guys gingerly so your bones don’t jar. You inspired me to ride the Oregon Outback, and it was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done, so I’m indebted to you!
    Here’s to a speedy recovery, and happy holidays.

  30. Kitty says:

    Hi Jan, wishing you a speedy recovery and return to full activity ASAP!

  31. Doug M says:


    Sorry to hear about this. Attitude and motivation can often make a huge difference. Motivated and otherwise healthy patients are the absolute best so you have good reason to be optimistic .

  32. B. Rainbow says:

    Glad to hear you were quickly and expertly tended to immediately following your unfortunate collision. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

    • Well, it took getting back to Seattle to really receive expert care. Without Natsuko, I’d be in a hospital in Taichung trying to recover from an operation that the experts in Seattle not only considered counterproductive, but also extremely dangerous. She came from Tokyo, encouraged me to get out of there and then took me to Seattle by train, bus and airplane. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

      My ex-wife in Seattle also has been incredibly supportive and helpful. I owe her as well.

  33. Matt says:

    So sorry to hear about your accident. Those broken ribs can certainly be painful. Best wishes with your future recovery. Sounds like you will have plenty to keep yourself occupied until you heal. More importantly it seems like you have a wonderful support system of family and friends.

  34. Darren says:

    Shocking news! What an ordeal. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. All the best.

  35. Guy Washburn says:

    Hard news. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  36. Richard says:

    Get well soon, sir! I fractured my right shoulder (humerus) in three places about 20 years ago and, coincidentally, broke my left clavicle in August when I was doored by someone exiting a cab on the Central Park West bike lane here in NYC. Surgery was not possible on my shoulder, and it was not called for on my clavicle. I lost a bit of range of motion in my shoulder, but as a southpaw, it doesn’t affect me much in daily life. More importantly, on my bike – a Boulder All Road 650b – neither injury has any impact whatsoever on my riding; in fact, when riding, both injuries just… disappear.

  37. zachhale says:

    I’m sorry to hear of this awful accident but glad to hear you’ll recover. I’m thankful for all the work you do with Compass and Bicycle Quarterly and wish you the best with your healing.

  38. John Le Marquand says:

    I was shocked and sadden to read about your accident. Having gone through an accident myself this pass summer I know there isn’t much one can do or say to make things better. Just put in the time to convalesce which for an active person like yourself will be hard to do. Four and a half months after my accident I am now achieving my bicycle fitness that I should have had in the summer. Long haul but worth it.

    Best wishes Jan and speedy recovery.

  39. Ack! Best of thoughts w/ you as you heal.

  40. Really sorry to hear about your accident Jan. Get well soon but please be patient and let your body heal.

  41. Bob C says:

    A horrible accident and here’s hoping your recovery goes faster than expected. Rest assured that all of us who have benefited from your work on cycling would be happy to help in anyway we can. We’re all in this life together.

  42. Patrick Moore says:

    Yikes! I’m glad it wasn’t worse, and that the bike was disposable. A prayer for a fast and full recover.

  43. Wolfgang says:

    Best wishes for a full recovery and not so much pain from Germany too. I have had a severe bike crash last year myself. So I think I can imagine what you are going through.

  44. Stephen Breacain says:

    You traveled back to Seattle in that condition? You’re a better man than I am. Must be the super hero gene. Get well soon, Thor.

    • I had little choice once I realized that my outlook in Taichung was less than stellar. It wasn’t easy, but pain is the same in a hospital bed or in an airplane seat. And as I said before, my friend made the entire voyage possible in the first place.

      • thebvo says:

        Jan-chan odaijini! Feel better soon! I’m glad you’re ok.
        Natsuko 様優しいね。すごい優しいよ!ヤンちゃんはすごくラッキーだね。いい友達ね。手伝ったよかった‼️ なっチャン is super kind and you are so lucky to have people like her to depend on. Its good to know that many people are sharing their heart with you.
        Take care and enjoy you day!

  45. Ted Herman says:

    I use Compass tires on my touring bike and enjoy them. Most of us have taken biffs and still ride. Although I admit cold weather discourages me (at age 80).
    All the best.
    Ted Herman

  46. VincentB says:

    Get well soon! I was in a similar situation, a car suddenly changed direction, and had the luck that I could just escape from a horrible accident. Since then, a few months ago, I’m not relaxed on the bike anymore. I’m scared and see an accident at every crossing. So take care of mentale health as well Jan!

  47. sisyphus says:

    Gosh, Jan, rotten luck, but with many silver linings. Heal well, keep your mind engaged, and enjoy the good will that is delivered to you.

  48. Bryan Willman says:

    Here’s wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

    And I urge you to rest, and be patient with your body, and do such things as physical therapy as directed.

  49. Lyle F. Bogart says:

    Here’s to a speedy and complete recovery!

  50. Calvin Rocchio says:

    Jan! Even with this momentary pause in your ventures, you will never seize to truly inspire with tales of your rides and incredibly positive outlook. Thank you for all of your efforts to bring us the timeless stories and information that you do, and please please please feel better as soon as possible. We’re all thinking of you and so very grateful for everything that you do!

  51. Dan says:

    Please, please, please, do all you can to avoid sneezing!! (ask me how I know…) praying for you.

  52. Oreste Drapaca says:

    Very scary. I hope for your full and speedy recovery. “Hals- und Beinbruch” a bit too literally, this time…

  53. Very sorry to hear this. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hopefully in ten years or so most cars will have auto pilot and accident like these can be avoided.

  54. Owen says:

    Gute Besserung Jan, hope your recovery is complete and speedy!

  55. Todd says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  56. Peter Mullin says:

    We’ll be thinking of you, and hoping the road to recovery is smooth, reasonably straight, and as easy a cruise as possible.

  57. Ted Durant says:

    It’s always cars turning left. Even in Taiwan? SO glad you are ok and recovering!

  58. Peter Naiman says:

    Jan, very sorry to hear about your accident. Heal quickly and hope to see you at Cirque in June.


  59. Mark Petry says:

    Jan, I am so sorry to hear of this but glad you are at least well enough to write. You’ll have the holiday season to rest and recover and back on the bike early in the new year. Hope you feel better soon buddy !

  60. Gary Bunn says:

    Dear Jan,

    I certainly hope that you make a full and speedy recovery from your injuries!

    I really enjoy reading about your adventures and benefiting from the results of the research that you carry out and generously share.

    Cheers and well-wishes from Ballarat, Australia.

    Gary Bunn.

  61. Doug M. says:

    I had my first broken bones from MTBing this summer, and while the break was refreshing and allowed me to ‘come back’ to cycling, gosh it was hard. Wishing you a full & fast recovery!

  62. Andrew says:

    Hi Jan glad to hear you made it to Seattle to get things sorted properly. It’s times like this that give you perspective. I’m sure in your case that despite the pain you must feel happy to be still alive. Wishing you a smooth recovery.

  63. M & J says:

    Jan, You are an inspiration on and off the bike! We are thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery!

  64. DDDDer Pedersen biker says:

    Jan, I’m so relieved to hear that your impact wasn’t worse, and that you received such timely support.

    Here’s to as full and speedy of a recovery as can be imagined, and to your feeling better with each passing day.

    And, as a reader of Bicycle Quarterly, I will very much look forward to your being able to resume testing and reporting, as you become able.

  65. Kyle Brooks says:

    Jan, wishing you the best, and a speedy (and thorough) recovery. Thank you for all you do. Yours truly — Kyle Brooks, and The Retrogrouch Blog.

  66. Paul says:

    Oh man, sorry this happened. Hope the healing goes well.

  67. Roger says:

    Disappointing news indeed!
    It is fortunate that you have excellent fitness and cycling ability. I’m sure your experience had something to do with avoiding even more serious injuries and your fitness will help you heal.
    I’ve been both impressed and inspired following BQ as you test bikes and enjoy great long rides. I look forward to being equally impressed with your recovery process.
    May you heal well and discover many more “gifts” along the way.

  68. Pam K says:

    So sorry to hear about your injuries, but you are indeed lucky to have such fast friends around the world.

  69. David Jablonka says:

    Best wishes for a full recovery

  70. Michael Seguin says:

    Sorry to hear of your injuries. Heal quickly. God speed.

  71. So happy to hear that all ended well. I’ll keep your story as a reminder to savor every ride and not to take for granted that I’ll get another ride tomorrow. Tailwinds in your recovery.

  72. Oh Jan, this is terrible news! I wish you all the best for a full and super rapid recovery. As someone who has been through a similar bunch of injuries I know that patience and fortitude will be your friends, and you have those in spades. Kia kaha, Oli

  73. Get well soon, Jan. Horrible thing to have happened, makes my hair stand on end just to read about it.

  74. Chris V. says:

    Here’s to a quick recovery! Glad you made it home safely!!

  75. Sebastian Taege says:

    Gute Besserung, Jan.

  76. John Le Marquand says:

    I was shocked and sadden to read about your accident. Having gone through an accident myself this pass summer I know there isn’t much one can do or say to make things better. Just put in the time to convalesce which for an active person like yourself will be hard to do. Four and a half months after my accident I am now achieving my bicycle fitness that I should have had in the summer. Long haul but worth it.

    Best wishes and speedy recovery.

  77. Steve Chan says:

    I hope the healing and PT goes smoothly. If you really want to ride, a recumbent might be usable before a normal bike (perhaps Alex W. has one in his garage someplace…)

  78. Tom says:

    As one of the bin there, done that guys on bike crashes, I feel your pain. Get well soon. Hopefully you won’t spend 3 mo. in a wheel chair like I did.

  79. Wow. Not much that I can add other than I hope you recover quickly.

  80. calcagnolibero says:

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You’re really lucky to have such a good friend as Natsuko. Family and friends are the most important things in life. Get well soon Jan!

  81. Simon Wagstaff says:

    Dear Jan,
    Wishing you the best and speediest possible recovery. You are an inspiration!

  82. graveldoc says:

    Once again, I’ve learned another valuable lesson from you, Jan. The best way to recover from a negative event is to focus on positive memories. I’ll be praying for your complete recovery in the days, weeks, and months ahead and toward future fond memories.

  83. I will add my best wishes for a full and healthy recover. As you have said, how very fortunate to have a friend who not only steered you away from questionable medical care, but also accompanied you on the long journey home. I am glad to hear the prognosis is good.

    It is always upsetting to learn of a cyclist injured by a car, even more so when you know the person, or it is someone well known in cycling circles, as in your case. With the change of season, darkness and challenging weather confront many of us who commute. Let’s do what we can to stay safe out there.

  84. Preston Grant says:

    Jan, I am extremely sorry to hear of this misfortune, and wish you a swift and complete recovery. Since I am overseas several times a year, I subscribe on an annual basis to an air ambulance service, AirMed, which will bring me back to the United States from any foreign nation in an actual
    flying ambulance jet aircraft. The cost is reasonable. I would recommend that you investigate and consider such a service. It certainly gives me some peace of mind.

    • Natsuko Hirose says:

      Actually, we thought about using a flying ambulance service. So we asked the Taiwanese doctor about it. But unfortunately the doctor recommended to get on a “normal plane”. Because they did not find any problems except break his shoulder and his arm. Then, we believed what the doctor said. So we tried to return to Seattle as soon as possible. We had no choice. I wish… “Never again!”

      Natsuko Hirose Tokyo / Japan

  85. Marie autrey says:

    I’m so sorry for your ordeal, but relieved that it wasn’t even worse.
    Be careful with the painkillers. They can sneak up on you. I had morphine and oxycodone after my hip replacements, and it could have turned into a problem.

    Here’s hoping your recovery proves a fast one.


  86. hogan46 says:

    Jan, I am so sorry to hear about this – it is great that you were able to tough it out to get back to Seattle for treatment. Good thing you have enought time to recover before the PBP 😉

  87. John Siemsen says:

    Best wishes for a full recovery, Jan. Sorry this happened, but heartened how friends near and far came to your aid.

  88. Wayne says:

    Good luck and get well soon.

  89. Mark says:

    Sorry to hear about your crash! I hope you heal fast. In 2008 I had a motorcycle crash and shattered my right arm into hundreds of pieces. I posted the story to the Bob list, you might recall. I got a titanium plate and 13 screws about a week after the accident. It was recommended to me that I take the homeopathic remedy symphytum 30c by Boiron. It is indicated for bone meshing. It is non toxic and after finishing two bottles (little pellets you take every few hours), I went back to the surgeon for more X-rays. This was two weeks after the crash, and he cleared me for work (I am a chiropractor , which is not easy on the arms!). The doctor was surprised, as was I. I was back on my bike two weeks later, never looked back.
    Best to you!

  90. Eric says:

    Omigosh Jan. I’m a doctor (but not in Orthopedics or Trauma), and I suspect you are stoic by nature and inclined to downplay things, but that is a very serious collection of injuries. I’m sure you will recover, but good grief you really got clobbered. Given your large number of fans, I hope you update your recovery now and again here. We’ll all have you in our thoughts. Are you out of the hospital now? I know the Seattle medical community a bit, which hospital had the good fortune to patch you back together (unless you’d rather not divulge). Yours, Eric

  91. Don Genovese says:


    You have my sincere wish for a quick and complete recovery.

  92. Nick P says:

    All the best and a speedy recovery! That plane trip must have been excruciating…

  93. Ed B says:

    I’m speechless. I feel bad and can only wish you the “speediest” recovery possible. I’ve fractured a lot of those bones but not all at once. You are a tough dude to fly back to Seattle broken into pieces.

  94. DavidM says:

    Dear Jan,

    So sorry to hear about your accident. This website and the Bicycle Quarterly are ongoing sources of cycling inspiration for me. Please take it easy and heal up soon!

    David Mathews

  95. Drew Carlson says:

    Wow, Jan, I’m happy that you had good friends near enough to help you get back home. I wish you a speedy recovery, and a great riding season in 2016!

  96. Mark Foltz says:

    Sounds like an ordeal but glad you were able to get back home quickly for treatment. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery, and return to the saddle.

  97. Bernie Burton says:

    Jan, So glad you made it home and will be all okay in several months.I can’t wait to read your story on PBP, and why it took so much longer than your last several attempts.You gave a hint in a previous note- social riding can be so enjoyable.Here’s to you having many great rides with your friends next year!

  98. Ross says:


    All the best to you and yours! We’re lucky to have you in any form.


  99. Don Compton says:

    All the best. Hope for a full recovery. And again, thanks so much for your addition to the cycling community.
    Sincerely, Don Compton

  100. Pondero says:

    Jan, I want to join the chorus of well-wishers. As you know there is a wonderful community of passionate cycling friends out here pulling for your complete recovery, and quickly. I am confident that you’ll have a new level of appreciation for being out on two wheels.

  101. Brian says:

    I’m very sorry to hear about your crash, and glad to hear you are on your way to mending. While accidents do happen the goal is always zero accidents. You once wrote a letter (before BQ days) about safety while riding, maybe this accident, just like that letter can be used as a way to raise everyone’s safety consciousness.

  102. Frank says:

    Such bad luck and good luck at the same time!

    Maybe if you used tyres that were a bit more sluggish you could have avoided the dingle! (that’s a joke …)

    Best wishes for your recovery … strong body to match your strong head and spirit!

  103. Francisco says:

    Dear Jan,
    Wish you a speedy recovery. Good readings and I’m shure we’ll benefit even from your forced rest because of your never resting-investigative mind.Good wishes from Brazil.

  104. Wishing you a good recovery. My Dad was hit in a similar way but at lower speed, fracturing only his shoulder. He is fine now and we rode today as usual. Recoveries like this are inspirational to others. I look forward to reading the upcoming posts.

  105. I’m quite pleased to read the positive prognosis. I wish you a speedy recovery.

    I always thought of Taiwan as rather advanced. That your friend Natsuko correctly assessed that the care would be dramatically subpar there is eye-opening.

  106. hughsmitham says:

    Reblogged this on velocipedemusings and commented:
    Even though the bicycle has it’s healing properties, still we are essentially naked out there. And we must be vigilant at all times. My hope for Jan is a speedy recovery with no long term lasting effects from the injuries he sustained.

  107. hughsmitham says:

    Speedy recovery Jan. Glad you’ll be rolling again soon.

  108. billiam says:

    Heal up fast, buddy! I’ve been off the bike for two months myself due to a broken collarbone, but the form returns quickly.

  109. B. Carfree says:

    I’ll add my best wishes for your full recovery. You definitely ratcheted up your hard man status to on beyond super-hero by travelling in that condition.

    What happened to you makes me feel so fortunate that the one time I was unsaddled on a bike, by a motorist who pulled in front of me and gave me a brake-check complete with a thirteen foot long skid, I was only going 20 mph on flat ground. My bike was totalled, but I somehow managed a full flip with a double twist and stuck the landing in sandals. I can’t even conceive of dealing with a left cross at your descending speed. You’re some kind of super athlete, that’s for sure.

    I look forward to your “first ride” write up sometime in the new year.

  110. darelldd says:

    Wishing you the speediest of recoveries, Jan.

    Now… Can we *please* stop calling this an accident? This was a crash. A collision. “Accident” implies that this was unpredictable and unpreventable. Our government agencies have stopped using “accident” in all cases. Now it is time for the press and for *US* to catch up. Crashes are not accidents.


  111. Steven Sweedler says:

    Jan, Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery. Steve

  112. ascpgh says:

    Very unfortunate to read your account and injuries. Please accept my hope for your forthright and complete recovery, Physical trauma isn’t at all like the movies. I’ve tested that as extensively as you’ve tested tires.

    You exhibit grace in the description of your incident, nothing to gain when injured by pointing fingers while yet you demonstrated much for which to be thankful.

    Thank you for your lessons and example through this application of hardship to what we publicly know of your busy, productive life. Speediest of recovery.

  113. ORiordan says:

    That’s really awful news Jan and I hope you are back on your bike soon.

    I hope your insurance covered the flight back and it is worthwhile emphasising the importance of good insurance cover when travelling abroad.

    About 10 years ago I broke my leg quite badly in a fall from a MTB in a somewhat isolated area of Mexico and like you, was not confident entrusting myself to an operation in the local hospital. My travel insurance justified its price many times over by paying for my flight back to the UK with the additional saving grace that it was in business class as you can’t fit a leg in a cast into an economy class seat!

  114. Gert says:

    Sorry to hear of your accident, but happy that You will recover.
    Best wishes for your healing. Wish You a speedy recovery and many great rides ahead.

  115. Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

  116. nagomano says:

    What an ordeal Jan! So sorry to hear of your injuries. So glad they are not worse and that you will be able to make a full recovery. Looking forward to seeing images of you back on the bike.


  117. Lynne Cooney says:

    I was hit in a similar manner about four years ago. It changed me forever. I love bicycles too much to stay off them, but I do not ever really feel comfortable now. And yes, the unlicensed, speeding, passing on a curve, not wearing his glasses, and on new medication driver apologized and told me “he didn’t see me.” Well that makes it ok.

    Here’s to getting back to riding soon.

    • Compass staff are thinking the same thing this week: pretty rattled, plus the insight that we need to be more aware, both while cycling and driving.
      Hope you get it back. Faith is likely the hardest aspect to recover.
      Compass Staff

    • Tom Knoblauch says:

      Those of us who have been through it are all obliged to convey our thoughts & feelings, however difficult that is. The search for words, descriptors, advise is but caring for others.

  118. Rick Smith says:

    Get well soon, Jan! Best wishes from the Kickstand Cyclery:

  119. Yes same thing happened to me A car approaching me decided to turn left in front of me into her driveway. I turned some to the right to try and avoid her but hit her right front fender One cracked pelvic bone later I was in the hospital No surgery required. On You tube some where is a video by British Motorcyclists about how animals and humans will after a short time dismiss moving objects coming at them..
    They and we are programmed to dismiss non threating moving objects and look instead for those that are a potential danger. On the video they recommend weaving the motor cycle just a bit side to side to alert the on coming driving you’re there

  120. Jan says:

    That’s awful news! Hope you’ll be back on track soon!

  121. Bill Gobie says:

    My best wishes for you to make a thorough recovery, Jan. You’ve had a heck of a shock; go easy on yourself.

  122. Mike S. says:

    Jan, heal up fast. I am sad to hear you were hurt but am glad to hear that the prognosis is good.

  123. Best wishes for your recovery Jan! I broke my collarbone this year as well. I’m just getting back on the bike after a rough year and the recent Bicycle Quarterly’s have been a big inspiration to me.

  124. Jim Langley says:

    Sorry to hear about your crash, Jan. Take it easy and heal up and you’ll be back on the bike soon, I’m sure. Sending speedy healing thoughts your way – and mega thanks for sharing all the amazing bicycles and riding. Every story is like being there with you.

  125. Jan, Wish you a speedy recovery from all of us at Eroica California.
    Glad to hear that you are back safely and getting the care you need.
    Please take care.
    Hope to see you in April.

  126. Sorry to hear about this, Jan. Hope your recovery is full and speedy. Was the automobile driver turning onto a driveway or a side road? Do the Taiwanese deal with fault and liability like Americans? Is there insurance involved? Who’s insurance? How much damage was done to the car? I agree with the earlier poster that suggests that what happened would be best to be called a collision and not an accident. How much was unfamiliar equipment a factor? A CF bike with skinny tires and different gears and brakes handles much differently than your 650b Herse and other bikes that you seem to ride. Rest well and deeply.

  127. Tom Knoblauch says:

    A friend in need is a friend indeed.

  128. the coasting Frenchman says:

    Je vous souhaite un prompt rétablissement, Monsieur Heine. De tout coeur.

  129. katzenfinch says:

    Wow! Sorry to learn of your accident. May you heal quickly and completely.

  130. Francisco says:

    Having recently gone though a very similar experience I reacted at a visceral level to the news of your accident. Wishes of a speedy recovery!

  131. Julie jacobs says:

    Oh man, I’m so sorry about your nasty accident. I’m so glad you expect full recovery. WE need you back on the bike. Your in my prayers for quick healing. Hang in there.

  132. Pat Marek says:

    Jan, I just happened to be looking at your blog today and want to wish you a strong recovery. I’ve survived a nasty accident myself, and can say from experience that the healing powers of the human body are quite amazing.

  133. Stan Cooper says:

    Jan, I’m very sorry to hear about your accident, but heartened that the prognosis for a full recovery is good. Here’s wishing you speedy healing.

  134. Stephen Bryne says:

    Sorry to hear about your accident Jan. Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you are back on two wheels before long.

  135. Paul Ahart says:

    I was shocked to read your account. Maybe my friends are onto something when they ride with obnoxious strobing front lights. Heal well. Your adventures, products and insight into cycling are treasured. Best wishes!

  136. Bert Paul says:

    I wish you a speedy and full recovery. You have opened the doorway to wide tires and now vintage bicycles. Thanks so much, it’s not every day you re-experience the joys of riding again as you did when you were 6 to 12 years of age.

  137. David Smith says:

    Heal well and quickly

  138. Heikki Rautanen says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  139. Jack says:

    Jan – all the best in your recovery. As a recent follower of your blog (and consequently ordering BQ back issues), your insight and wisdom is inspirational and BQ is a work of art. Ironically whilst recovering from a far less serious accident I was lying in bed reading BQ dreaming about the next big ride..

  140. mimitabby says:

    Get well soon, so sorry to hear you are hurt!

  141. Pete says:

    Wishing you the mightiest of “tailwinds” in your recovery. Thanks for all you do and have done to change the cycling…for the better.

  142. Adam Blumenthal says:

    Sending voluminous healing wishes your way Jan. I hope you are able to rest and recover on the most supple of surfaces!

  143. Leighton Bohl says:

    Dear Jan — Very sorry to hear about your accident. Here’s hoping that you recover completely with no ill effects. I’ve had a couple of ‘corkers’ over a long cycling career but so far I’ve managed to miss the car and land on my head instead! Not sure which outcome is to be preferred. In the meantime, many thanks for all the brilliant research and writing that goes into BQ; oh, yes, Natsuko sounds like a top girl! All the best from Manchester, UK.

  144. Chris Archibald says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  145. john strizek says:

    Dear Jan,
    I am relieved that you are apparently not injured for the long term. I wish you a speedy recovery and a long, happy, and healthy life in the future. Having read your posts on the CR list for years and your articles in BQ I don’t claim to know you but I do feel connected to you.
    john strizek
    sacramento california, USA

  146. Jon Spangler says:

    Jan, Best wishes to you in your healing! I broke my back and right foot in a 1970 rock climbing fall, so I have endured a similar (but not as serious) shock. I will keep you in my prayers as I train for Eroica California 2016, April 8-10. I hope to see you there!

  147. Julie Jacobs says:

    Jan, I’m so sorry to hear about your nasty accident and grateful you had such good support. Here’s praying for a full and speedy recovery. Get well soon, we need you back on the bike.

  148. Phil Tomlinson says:

    Get well soon mate. Like the person who made the above post, I can’t claim to know you, but I too was shocked when I read about your accident. Hope you’re able to make a full and swift recovery. All the best from Scotland

  149. Rakesh says:

    Hi Jan
    Really sorry to hear about the accident. Wishing a very fast recovery. Kudos to your fighting spirit.

    Bangalore, India

  150. David says:

    Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery, Jan!

  151. mark schneider says:

    So sorry to hear of your accident, I look forward to hearing of your full recovery.

  152. Alan Bergamini. says:

    Very sorry to hear of your ordeal and happy that you have good prospects for a full recovery.
    Please use your convalescence to learn to type with a chopstick or something, not sure I can go without a regular fix of your blog…!

  153. mike says:

    Get well soon, Jan.
    Those things happen and luckily you had good friends to help you.
    All the best from Germany.

  154. Antoine says:

    Jan, I wish you a good recovery and many great rides to come.

  155. MattA_UK says:

    Get well soon Jan, wishing you all the best with your recovery!

  156. D Stelvio says:

    So sorry to hear of your injuries from your crash. Praying for your continued recovery. I echo everyones’ well wishes and hope that you take as much time as you need to heal you body and mind. I appreciate your sharing your cycling and life experiences thru your blog and became a recent BQ subscriber. You’ve certainly opened a whole new perspective in my enjoyment of cycling. Many thanks!

  157. Corwin Booth says:

    Wow, just a few days ago I was think how horrible it would be if you were in some kind of accident, given all the miles you log! There must have been a disturbance in the force.
    Reading this blog entry, I uttered out loud, “wow, he is something” when you immediately turned to all the great times you had had on that trip. I hope I can be so positive in the face of a challenge like you face.
    I’ll definitely be thinking of you, telling my friends, and wishing you the very best recovery!

  158. Jan, I hope you have a full and uneventful recovery. Your work in this world of bicycling and bicycles has created a foundation for the next generation of cyclists. Thank you for all the work you have done…..and keep up the good work for many, many years.

  159. jmr says:

    dear jan,
    so sorry to hear of your crash.
    how in the world did you endure that post-crash plane flight??!!!
    best wishes,

  160. zundel says:

    How incredibly unlucky.
    How very lucky. That was no gentle tap.

    After various much less severe crashes, especially those not self-inflicted, I’ve had to find space to recover from the residual shock, fear, and anger. The trauma of my body stayed inside my head. Probably you need that recovery too.

    As a practiced athlete, you know to have the least sedentary recovery possible, but worth repeating that activity heals.

    Have an interesting, stimulating recovery: read, think, plan great new ventures for the business and great rides.

    Be well — even in this: it is your nature.

  161. So sorry to hear about what sounds like a scary accident but relieved to hear that you’re destined to make a full recovery. Heal quickly Jan.

  162. Barb Kelly says:

    So sorry to hear about your accident. I wish you a full and speedy recovery!

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