Price Reductions!


We have reduced our prices on many products that we import. It’s rare that prices go down, but we price our products fairly, based on our costs, rather than “what the market will bear.”

Over the last year, the Japanese yen has lost significant value compared to the U.S. dollar, making products from Japan less expensive. The “favorable” exchange rate is offset somewhat, because raw materials (like rubber for tires) are valued in dollars, so the production costs in Japan also have increased. We pre-pay for the products we order, often long in advance of their delivery, so it takes time for exchange rate fluctuations to significantly affect our retail prices.

Over the past year, our costs for many Japanese products, especially tires, have gone down, and we are passing this on to our customers. We are excited that this makes our quality products even more affordable. We hope this helps you as you get your bike ready for the 2014 cycling season.

Just to be clear, we are not announcing a sale. Our new prices are good until our costs go up again… which we hope won’t be anytime soon. So there is no need to rush and buy, like in the Daniel Rebour cartoon (above) from 1946, when raw material shortages and price controls had cyclists dream of stores full of components (tires especially) at good prices.

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12 Responses to Price Reductions!

  1. Richard Ross says:

    That’s a refreshingly honest approach to sales – many thanks!

  2. Greg Weiner says:

    Jan, can you share with us which products now have reduced prices? I admit I haven’t looked at the Compass Bicycles online catalog prices lately, but the prices (at least for handlebars) seem unchanged.

    Greg Weiner
    SF CA

  3. Bubba says:

    Jan, give me an example, please! A lot of Americans like me have to feel like they are getting a deal. I spot-checked several of the items that I’ve either bought recently or have thought about buying and those prices are all the same. Give us something like “For example, product ABCD used to be $XX and now it is $YY”. I trust that Compass is always charging me a fair price, but I won’t get the thrill of a price reduction without being able to put a number to it. πŸ™‚

    • First of all, Compass Bicycles isn’t about “getting deals,” which inevitably means cutting corners to keep costs to a minimum. We supply the very best components, developed, tested and manufactured with care, at fair prices.

      As to the price reductions, the biggest one affects tires. For example, a standard Grand Bois Hetre was $ 68, now costs $ 59. The Extra Leger version went down $ 10. Other tire prices were adjusted similarly. Handlebars were mentioned in the previous comment. Decaleurs went down a bit… As I wrote in the blog, there is no need to rush to the checkout to lock in a deal – these price reductions are permanent until our prices change again.

      • Bubba says:

        Yay! The best tires in the world at better prices gave me the thrill I was looking for. I’ll put the money I save into ultralight tubes, next time. Thanks!! πŸ™‚

  4. WLamb says:

    Any news on the M-13 Wide Racks? I’ve noticed they’ve been out of stock for some time now.

  5. mark schneider says:

    Just my luck a few days after I order a pair…
    No worries, I’ll just get more.
    Speaking of racks, do you ever plan on getting a model that works with sidepull brakes. The “Marks Rack” is fine but lacks a light mount on the side, V.O. makes one but Nitto racks are just made so much better.
    Thank you for an amazing blog, I’m slowly working through the entire archive.

  6. Now all I have to do is wear out my current set of Hetres to take advantage of these prices…(un?)fortunately that takes a long time!

  7. Heather says:

    Thanks, and just when other currencies are collapsing against the American dollar! I am planning on buying new grand bois tires for several bikes over the next few months but have been cringing at the thought as the canadian dollar falls and falls. Your fairness is commendable!

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