Happy Holidays!


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Spirited rides that zig-zag across mountain ranges. Bicycle Quarterly magazine and its sister company, Compass Cycles, that turns our research into high-performance components for real-world riders.
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7 Responses to Happy Holidays!

  1. Joe Ramey says:

    Thanks for a great year of Bicycle Quarterly.

  2. Len Clark says:

    And a very merry xmas to you.

  3. RosyRambler says:

    Happy Holidays and a Happy and Safe New Year to Bicycle Quarterly and All Of Your Readers!

  4. Paul Ahart says:

    And a happy holidays to all the BQ crew and family. You’ve keep thousands of us motivated, informed and entertained with so many great photos and stories over the past year. I especially enjoyed the article written by your son on his experiences with the children’s road bike. You just may have a budding writer on your hands.
    Thanks again for a wonderful year of bike stuff and stories.

  5. Such a beautiful shot! Happy Holidays!

  6. David Pearce says:

    The apologies today by UPS and Fedex for “late” deliveries seem so overblown, considering what we have discussed in your previous post, “Same-Day Delivery?”. If you want someone to get something by a certain date, order it a reasonable time ahead. It’s called planning.

    Meanwhile, I’m taking such pleasure re-reading your article from Autumn 2012 on Lionel Brans’ wonderful and remarkable trek from Paris to Saigon, particularly the greeting he received from the bicycle club from Tehran. Wouldn’t it be nice if bicycle diplomacy could bring some peace to the world. Thanks for a great year of BQ!

  7. Ford Kanzler says:

    I ALWAYS enjoy every issue of BQ. You’ve created a great, well-focused product. The color production is a super addition. May the coming years be smooth pavement with a tailwind!
    Happy 2014!
    Ford Kanzler
    Santa Cruz, CA

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