700C Fenders, Bar Plugs and Brake Pads


Big components like cranks and derailleurs usually steal the show, but the performance and beauty of a bike depends also on many smaller components. At Compass Bicycles, we recently added three of them to our line.


Numerous customers asked whether they could buy the Grand Bois handlebar plugs separately. We now stock them. They are machined from aluminum and are the final touch for a beautifully wrapped handlebar. The expander tightens with a 3 mm Allen key, so they will not fall out.

For those who prefer simple wine corks for their light weight and natural look, we offer the option of buying Grand Bois leather handlebar tape without handlebar plugs.

We also have some bad news: the maker of the leather tape no longer can supply the one-piece tape without seams. It seems that getting blemish-free strips of leather that are long enough is difficult. Our current stock still is made in one piece, but once that is sold, there won’t be any more until a new supplier’s tape has been tested and approved.


Kool-Stop has been making brake pads to the old Mafac design for a few years now. They are a perfect upgrade for any bike equipped with Mafac brakes. We stock them in the salmon-colored Matthauser compound, which offers by far the best braking performance of any brake pad, both in wet and in dry conditions.

They are available in 4-dot length for standard Mafac pad holders (bottom), and in the longer 5-dot version for the “Tandem” brakes (top).


Grand Bois now offers their hammered fenders for 700C bikes. Made by Honjo, the Grand Bois fenders use a hammered pattern that is even nicer than Honjo’s regular hammered fenders. Grand Bois had special tooling made for the hammered pattern – in fact, they had to go through three sets of tooling until it was “just right.” It’s a minor detail, but the difference is obvious every time you look at your bike.

Hammered fenders not only look lovely, but small dents and scratches are all but invisible. These fenders are 45 mm wide, and perfect for 30 – 35 mm-wide 700C tires.

Click on the images above for more information, or visit the Compass Bicycles web site.

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11 Responses to 700C Fenders, Bar Plugs and Brake Pads

  1. cory says:

    For some reason the 700c version of the Grand Bois fenders look the same as what is available normally from Honjo. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mannyacosta/4216098133/

    Maybe a side by side comparison would show the difference. I do love the 650b Versions. I’m sure those could be easily reshaped for 700c.

  2. Lee L says:

    Handlebar plugs are gorgeous! Would love to have a black anodized option.

  3. Tim J says:

    I wrapped my bars with Brooks tape shortly after reading your review of the Grand Bois tape some of issues of BQ back. The stuff I had didn’t have seams. Perhaps Brooks has changed their design?

  4. Jim says:

    The Kool-Stop replica Mafac pads work really well. I use the black compound in brazed-on Mafac Competitions and the are excellent. They are smooth, modulate well and there is no infamous Mafac squealing.

  5. Garth says:

    Hi Jan,

    So then are these new GB Hammered Honjos different than the 45mm product currently offered by Boulder Bicycles?


    • See the comment above, they appear identical. The only difference is that all the Honjo fenders Compass sells come with the correctly sized 8 mm eyebolts (Daruma) for the fender stays, rather than the too-long 12 mm bolts that can catch debris going through the fender. We also include three leather washers to provide a secure, rattle-free connection to the hard points of the frame and front rack (if you use one).

  6. Johan Larsson says:

    I’d very much like to see some nice fenders for 40-50 mm wide 559 mm tires – preferably they would fit something like the wonderful Grand Bois fenders for 584 mm/650B. Berthoud’s are very flat and shallow unfortunately, and doesn’t really wrap around the tire at all.

    • It would be nice to see the 559 mm (26″) wheel size supported better in general. Unfortunately, the market for quality “road” products in that size is very small, and even in the mountain bike arena, 559 mm wheels seem to be on the way to extinction. That is unfortunate, because 559 mm is a size that makes a lot of sense with truly wide tires.

  7. Tom Howard says:

    This is great news about the Mafac brake pads. I have been lookng for a set of 5-dot pads for quite a while.

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