Attacking an Amateur Sports Event

Like all of you, I reacted to the bombings at the Boston Marathon with horror, shock and then outrage. Terrorism never is the answer to a grievance.

Amateur sports – and that is what the Boston Marathon is, despite the few professionals running at the head of the race – is far removed from politics, making it even less legitimate of a target.

Amateur sports is where people of different nationalities, class, background, religion and political opinion are united in the quest for a shared goal of athletic excellence – each within their own means. As our society becomes more polarized, amateur sports is one of the hopes that remain for a better understanding of each other.

That was the original goal of the Olympic Games – where the Olympic Truce allowed participants to travel to the event in safety – and that is what continues to make all amateur sports so beautiful. Breaking the Olympic Truce makes yesterday’s crime doubly heinous.

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5 Responses to Attacking an Amateur Sports Event

  1. Our thoughts go out to those who died or were hurt, and those whose loved ones were affected by this crime.

  2. Ty says:

    My wife’s cousin lives in Boston.

    Her family go every year to watch the finish. However yesterday her four-year-old daughter was sick, so they stayed home. I never thought I would be glad a small child was not feeling well, but I certainly was this time.

    I am so sorry for those who lost a young one, but we can’t forget the suffering of the many who suffered such horrific injuries.

    I lost part of my right foot years ago when I was hit and dragged by a drunk driver. I can tell you that their suffering had only just begun.

  3. Paul Richard says:

    If it were not for the close proximity to hospitals and medical professionals already on the scene, the numbers would almost certainly be much worse. All of it is so outrageous.

  4. Elton says:

    My niece was running in her first marathon. She was .4K from the finish and was stopped. I can only hope that she can manage the combined feelings of relief, disappointment, and grief. The pain of those who’s lives were forever changed by is unimaginable. My heart hurts for them all.

  5. Rolly says:

    Well put.

    Nova Scotia had 70 runners there and many spectators. Halifax and Boston have long had a strong connection. In 1917, when the Halifax Explosion occured (the largest ever man made explosion until Hiroshima happened) it was Boston that came to our aid most. That is why Nova Scotia sends a big Christmas tree to Boston every year, in thanks for aiding and rebuilding Halifax. Take care and be well Boston, many thoughts are with you. May the injured heal and the deceased rest in peace. That eight year old boy… so sad.

    — Rolly

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