Oops! AdventureCorps Ad Mix-Up


At Bicycle Quarterly, we appreciate our advertisers. Even though the magazine is financed by subscribers, the advertising revenue allows us to print a few additional pages of the magazine.

Our advertisers tend to be small companies who believe in what we do, and support Bicycle Quarterly. In fact, we use many of their products ourselves.

Chris Kostman of AdventureCorps organizes cycling and running events that stand out from the mainstream. The back cover of Bicycle Quarterly for quite a few years now has featured Adventure Corp ads of their upcoming rides, like in Death Valley, CA. It’s a nice ending to our magazine – the ads have rides and dates, you get your calendar… In fact, these rides are coming up very soon!

So it was especially embarrassing for us when Chris noticed that the Spring 2013 issue had an old ad on the back cover, instead of the new one he had sent to us. I have to take full responsibility for this mix-up – I thought I had put in his latest ad, but I didn’t. The correct ad is posted above. Click on the image for more information.

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  1. Cris says:

    Had never heard of them, but their events look super interesting. The broadcast email worked out as better advertising. 🙂

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