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Our Own 300 km Brevet

Mark and I were signed up to do the Seattle Randonneur’s 300 km brevet last weekend. A few days before the brevet, it snowed, and the organizers decided to play it safe and cancel the brevet. Mark and I decided … Continue reading

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Trouble with STI Triples

Triple cranks are a good choice for some riders. The most common shifting system for triple cranks, Shimano’s STI, only works with Shimano chainrings. Unfortunately, Shimano’s chainring combinations are of limited use to most riders. If you want to customize … Continue reading

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The Fleche and Decoding Its Rules

The Flèche 24-hour team ride is my favorite highlight of the early randonneuring season. We are planning our ride right now – the event usually is held around Easter. We hope to inspire you to join a Flèche team as … Continue reading

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Bicycle Quarterly: Spring Issue

Our readers eagerly anticipate each issue of Bicycle Quarterly. The wait is almost over: The Spring 2013 issue will be mailed this week. Many of us want to know: What makes your bike significantly faster? Perhaps the most influential research … Continue reading

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Springtime: A Time to Rediscover

Every spring as we head into the mountains again, it is exciting to rediscover the roads that we love. For us, each season has its particular routes. The spring rides are some of our favorites. Heading to Index for the … Continue reading

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How Wide a Tire Can I Run?

Many cyclists want to ride on wider tires, but are limited by the clearances of their bikes. So they want to use the widest tires their bike can fit. How do you determine your bike’s maximum tire width? You need … Continue reading

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Damaged Books at a Discount

Occasionally we receive a shipment of books that got damaged in transit. (For some reason, most book publishers have a hard time figuring out how to package books so that they are well-protected.) Usually the damage is slight, like a … Continue reading

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