Charity Drive: Thank You!


The Bicycle Quarterly charity drive was a success. We were able to raise almost $ 1500 for three charities. Checks are going out this morning to Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children and the Union of Concerned Scientists. Thank you to all who contributed!

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6 Responses to Charity Drive: Thank You!

  1. Matt Sallman says:

    Thank you for the offer. I have been ‘lurking’ since I was given your 2013 calendar as a Christmas gift. The offer got me to order a subscription and Vol. 5 for the tire tests.

    i was amazed how quickly I received the package with my first issue and Vol 5! I spent an enjoyable weekend reading.

  2. Jeffrey kane says:

    Love that …. nicely done!

  3. Bubba says:

    Handwritten checks!!! You ARE retro!!!

    Nicely done.

  4. Jeremy Mott says:

    Cool. Glad to be a new subscriber and to have helped in a small way!
    Appreciate the BQ generosity.

  5. Greg says:

    Well done! DWB (MSF) is a great organization. I support them wholeheartedly and regularly. I’m familiar with UCS, but not with Save The Children. Can you tell us about them?

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