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With the holidays approaching, many relatives and friends wonder what to give their favorite cyclist. So here are some great gift ideas. Forward them to anybody who asks “What would you like for …” Click on the links for more info.

For the cyclist who just loves riding:

Bicycle Quarterly is a gift your cyclist will enjoy over the entire year. The quarterly magazine provides the inspiration for our rides, tests great products, explores fascinating history, and is simply an overall good read. The most common complaint is that it does not appear often enough! We also offer back issues, in case your cyclist has a subscription already. $32.

For the cyclist who is inspired by a great story:


René Herse • The Bikes • The Builder • The Riders takes you into the world of René Herse: Beautiful bikes, meticulously crafted and ridden in inspirational events. Whether touring, randonneuring, racing or even riding to work, these riders enjoyed the friendships they forged through cycling. With studio photos of 20 René Herse bikes and hundreds of historic photos. 424 pages, hardcover. $ 86.

(The book will be available early January. Orders placed until December 15 will receive a special print from the René Herse archives.)

For the cyclist who loves looking at beautiful bikes:

The Competition Bicycle features stunning full-color photographs and insightful texts that chart the development of bicycles from the 1880s onward. Smile about the amazing Labor “Monobras” with its single fork leg. Admire Fausto Coppi’s Tour de France-winning Bianchi. Join the Paris newspaper couriers in their races across the cobblestones of Paris. Marvel at a René Herse tandem that completed an epic Paris-Brest-Paris faster than all the single bikes. Relive the exploits of Greg LeMond and Andy Hampsten as you examine the details of their bikes. 176 pages, hardcover, $50.

The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles: If your cyclist doesn’t have this trend-setting (and best-selling) classic yet, now is the time! See the most beautiful bicycles ever made. Learn about the builders who made them and the riders who rode them. Cycling was their life, and their bikes reflected that. 168 pages, hardcover, $50.

For the cyclist planning their 2013 season:

Handlebars: Numb hands can spoil the most scenic ride. Suggest that your cyclist try a classic handlebar shape specifically designed for long-distance comfort. $60 – 98.


Tires: Nothing transforms a bike like a great set of tires: More comfort, more speed, more fun. Grand Bois or Compass tires will bring a smile on their face when they next ride their bike. Now also available in superlight “Extra Léger” models. Ask them what size they need. $120 – 196 (pair).

Generator hub: No more worrying if your favorite cyclist is not home when darkness falls. A flip of a switch illuminates their bike and the road ahead, with no batteries to run out, and no lights to forget at home. $263 – 313


René Herse cranks: Not only do they look as pretty as a holiday ornament, they also allow your rider to specify the gear ratios that suits their riding best. $385 – 400

Bottom bracket: Does your cyclist spend his time overhauling his bike instead of with his family? Give them a maintenance-free SKF bottom bracket designed for 65,000 trouble-free miles! Comes with a 10-year warranty. Ask them what size they need. $129 – 139.

Waterbottle cages: Nitto and Iribe cages combine beauty and function – a great addition to any bike. Add a Compass Water Bottle to make it a complete set. $54 and up.

For the light-hearted cyclist:


Yehuda Moon is a cartoon about a bike store run by a lycra-clad racer wannabe and a wool-wearing curmudgeon riding with fenders and bags. Four volumes, $ 15 each.

For the technically-minded cyclist:

Bicycling Science is a compilation of scientific research related to bicycles. Find out why bicycles work the way they do. Your favorite cyclist will exclaim time and again: “Now I understand why…” 477 pages, softcover, $27.

For the cyclist who has everything:

Our classic books selection features a number of rare, long-out-of-print books that your cyclist may enjoy. For example, Tony Oliver’s Touring Bikes is still the best overview over how bikes work from the perspective of an experienced builder. From $49.

The Nitto Bike Stand offers a great way to display their favorite bike. $99

Still don’t know what to give?


A Compass Water Bottle will make any cyclist happy. Our Camelbak bottles are so much better to use than most water bottles. BPA-free and taste-free. $10.

Have a happy holiday season!

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