Decaleurs for Aluminum Stems

Compass Bicycles now offers Grand Bois’ decaleur for classic aluminum stems. A decaleur is a small bracket mounted near the handlebars to secure the handlebar bag (the front rack holds the handlebar bag’s weight).

A decaleur system has two parts: one on the stem and one on the bag. The bag’s decaleur lifts up and slides out of the stem mounted-part, which provides a convenient quick release when you want to take the bag with you after you lock up your bike.

This decaleur system for aluminum stems was used on many 1970s Alex Singer bikes and has proven itself over many kilometers. The key difference of this decaleur system is its mounting bolt that replaces the stem’s clamp bolt. If your aluminum stem has the same clamp bolt, then you can retrofit your bike instead of having a custom, hand-made stem.

This decaleur works only with stems that have a single, horizontal handlebar clamp bolt. If your stem bolt threads directly into the stem’s aluminum material, you have to remove the threads. You can ream them out, or use a drill to remove them carefully. This does not weaken the stem, as the stem is only as strong as the largest diameter of the threads.

The decaleur is available in two versions. One fits many classic aluminum stems (above). The right side of the photo shows the stem part. The long bracket on the left is mounted on the handlebar bag (by, for example, drilling holes through the leather at the top of a Gilles Bertude handlebar bag).

The second version is specifically designed for Nitto Pearl stems (above), so it includes a specific spacer that replaces the nut of the Pearl stem.

We also offer the hand-made Grand Bois stems with matching decaleurs already mounted (above). Between these three models, we hope you’ll find a decaleur that meets your needs. For more information on our stems and decaleurs, click here.

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7 Responses to Decaleurs for Aluminum Stems

  1. somervillebikes says:

    Nice design of the receiver to integrate it with the stem clamp bolt, but how will it work with really large framed bicycles where the top of the bag is typically below bar height? It seems that this decaleur receiver will only work with very specific frame and bag combinations, and wouldn’t work on 63cm+ frames, even with very tall bags. VO’s stem decaleur receiver has built-in drop to accommodate larger frames, but the user has to file and drill it to the correct length needed to hold the bag in the desired position.

    • James Cloud says:

      Velo Orange, unfortunately, no longer makes the stem decaleur that could be cut to measure for a specific length. I have this decaleur on my Rivendell (a 65cm frame bike), and its allowed me to mount my Gilles Berthoud GB2886 handlebar bag in a satisfactory position for my use (photo here: /5326121224/sizes/l/in/set-72157619758078965/ )

  2. John Hawrylak says:

    Is it possible to provide a list of which Nitto stems (e.g., technomic, deluxe) works with the decaulluer? Seems possible if Nitto is making the decalluer.

    John Hawrylak
    Woodstown NJ

  3. Nick says:

    Could you tell us where you got hold of the neat-looking clamp for your front light please?

  4. Brian says:

    At the expense of some elegance, will you offer a decaleur that clamps to the handlebar? My 3t Podium stem has a bolt that threads in at maybe a 45 deg angle under the stem into the stem body – I doubt this new decaleur would work there.

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