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New Products: Promenade Handlebars and Stem Bolts

The Grand Bois “Promenade” handlebars are a classic, swept-back design for an upright riding position. Similar handlebars were used on the city and porteur bikes of many French constructeurs. Below is a custom Grand Bois equipped with these handlebars. The … Continue reading

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Online Resources

The Bicycle Quarterly web site provides a number of useful resources. Most popular is the Color Photo Supplement. It shows color photos of the classic bikes that have been featured in Bicycle Quarterly over the years. Most of the bikes … Continue reading

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Science and Bicycles: Designing Experiments

Designing scientific experiments requires a lot of thought, if you want to arrive at useful results. Most studies of bicycles fall into two categories, which I’ll call observation-based and measurement-based. Observation-based studies starts with an observation. In our case, we … Continue reading

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LED Replacement Bulbs for Headlights?

LEDs have revolutionized generator-powered bicycle lighting. They are bright, use less power, tend to last (almost) forever, and easily can be combined with a standlight. However, many riders prefer the elegant shapes of classic taillights. Combining LEDs with classic taillights … Continue reading

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Choosing a Builder for Your Bike

When you choose a builder for your bike, consider their experience with the type of bike you plan to order. Above is one of the first “compact” cars made in the United States during the early 1970s. Seeing that smaller … Continue reading

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Hutchinson 650B x 32 mm Tires

Compass Bicycles now carries the Hutchinson “Confrérie des 650” tire. The Confrérie des 650 was created by French riders who loved their 650B bikes. They were concerned that the wheel size might become extinct, leaving them without rims and tires … Continue reading

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Catalogue Specifications and Apparent Bargains

When I started riding seriously while I was in college in Germany, it became apparent that my Peugeot 10-speed no longer was sufficient. Not only did it lack performance, but it required repairs almost daily. So I soon started shopping … Continue reading

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