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Handlebar Bags: Which Size for Your Bike?

What size handlebar bag is best for you and your bike? Basically, the bag should fill the space between the front rack and the stem. To optimize the bike’s handling, the bag should be as low as possible, and well-supported … Continue reading

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Mounting Tires on Rims with Deep Wells

Sometimes we get a call or an e-mail from a frustrated customer: “I have a brand-new set of your tires, and both wobble when I mount them on my rims.” In most cases, it is not the tires’ fault. Usually … Continue reading

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Daniel Rebour

Even though Daniel Rebour retired almost 40 years ago, his drawings remain recognizable to many cyclists today. Rebour’s drawings distilled the essence of components and bicycles better than photographs ever can. He managed to make even the most mundane bicycle … Continue reading

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If it so good, why don’t the racers use it?

A common objection to some of Bicycle Quarterly’s findings is: “If xyz is so good, why don’t the racers use it?” Whether it’s wide tires at lower pressures or front-end geometries, some of what we find to work best is … Continue reading

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Dedication to Details

At Compass Bicycles, we tend to be a bit obsessive when it comes to our bicycles. “Good enough” usually is not good enough when we’re out on our bikes, and we apply the same exacting thoroughness to the components we … Continue reading

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Rim Weight

At Compass Bicycles, we are not obsessive gram counters, but none of us want to carry extra weight on our bikes. A few grams here and there add up quickly to a couple of pounds, and that can make a … Continue reading

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High-Flange Hubs from Grand Bois

Grand Bois recently introduced their new high-flange cassette hubs. They combine classic appearance with modern performance. The aesthetics of the new Grand Bois hubs are inspired by the classic Maxi-Car hubs. Like the originals, they feature large flanges and red … Continue reading

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