Yard Sale Success: $ 3,600 for Charity

TheBicycle Quarterly yard sale was a success. Not only did it clear out our workshop and storage areas, but it also raised a little over $ 3,500 (which we rounded up to $3,600) for charity, in part thanks to people’s generous bid on ebay.

We will make donations of $ 1200 each to Doctors without Borders, Save the Children and the Union of Concerned Scientists. Thank you to all who contributed to making this a success!

About Jan Heine, Editor, Bicycle Quarterly

I love cycling and bicycles, especially those that take us off the beaten path. I edit Bicycle Quarterly magazine, and occasionally write for other publications. Bicycle Quarterly's sister company, Compass Bicycles Ltd., turns the results of our research into high-quality bicycle components for real-world riders.
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  1. Matthew J says:

    Well done!

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