Yard Sale – Day 2

The first day of our yard sale was a success. Most items are gone, and we’ve raised a nice sum for charity. We found a few more items, and list them below (underlined), together with those that still remain available.

Updated 4/25 with the items that still are available.

A few brand-new or collector-interest items are still on e-bay:

These items are used. Most of these were used for our technical articles, so they have about 50-150 miles on them. There is some “shop-wear”, but functionally, these items are as good as new. (A few items are new or have more use, this is clearly marked.) Unless noted, only one/one pair of each item is available.

The prices do not include shipping. Payment is by PayPal only. First come, first serve – e-mail (heine94 at earthlink dot net) with your list of items you want to buy, we’ll confirm what we still have, you pay, we ship. It’s that simple. The prices are low, so things will go fast. No photos, sorry.


  • Trek 2100c (see photo above): Size 58 cm (top tube is 560 mm). This is the only bike where you can adjust the amount of “planing.” It come with three sets of elastomers for the rear triangle, plus we machined a delrin plug to eliminate the suspension completely. As you pedal, the rear triangle has a tiny bit of “suspension bob,” which stores pedaling energy during the down stroke, and releases it as you pass through the dead spots. For us, it worked incredibly well with the “Medium” elastomer, making this one of the best-performing bikes we have ridden. By trying the soft, medium and hard elastomers, it will allow you to find your sweet spot. The bike has an aluminum frame, carbon rear triangle, Shimano 105 derailleurs and shifters, triple cranks with low tread (Q factor). The photo shows how we tested it. We sell it in its “stock” configuration (Shimano clipless pedals, original front wheel and saddle, no bag or bottle cages) – see the factory photo here. We’ll include a set of barely ridden Grand Bois tires ($120 value). We’ve ridden it about 250-300 miles, never in the rain. Originally retailed for $1650. Full test report is in Bicycle Quarterly Vol. 4, No. 4. Probably the fastest bike you can buy for $850 plus shipping.

650B Tires

  • Mitsuboshi Trimline 650B x 38 mm, new: $100/pair
  • Grand Bois Cypres 650B x 32 mm (gumwall, wire bead, heavy), new: $20 (single tire)
  • Michelin World Traveler 650B x 35 mm (gumwall), new: $25/pair

700C Tires

  • Vittoria Rubino 700C x 23 mm: $25/pair
  • Michelin Axial Select tires (nice skinwall tire, relatively light, used on 1990s Alex Singers) 700C x 25 mm, 4 wire bead, one Kevlar bead, new, but somewhat dry: $30 for all 5.


  • Ritchey Comp road stem, Ahead, 100 mm: $20


  • Grand Bois 700C x 32 hole, new, light scratches on outside diameter: $50 (buy this and one brand-new rim for $140)
  • Mavic Module E (polished silver), 27″ x 36 hole, new: $30 (single rim)
  • Velocity Aerohead 24″ (540 mm) x 36 hole, new: $30/pair


  • FSA Gossamer compact, 175 mm, 50-34, black, with integrated BB (BSC threads): $60
  • TA “Pro 5 vis” (Cyclotourist) tandem crankarm, right-side arm with no spider, 165 mm: $20


U.S. shipping:

  • tires are $12 for two tires (four tires if folding), $ 20 for orders of 4 tires or more.
  • rims: $20 regardless of quantity.
  • Components: $12-20 depending on quantity
  • Ask about international shipping.

Prices are good until sale ends. We’ll update the site periodically to show what remains available. All proceeds will go to charity.

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