Bicycle Quarterly Yard Sale

Time to clear out our workshop, so we are selling a lot of bicycle components that are surplus to requirements. All proceeds will go to charity.

These items are used. Most of these were used for our technical articles, so they have about 50-150 miles on them. There is some “shop-wear”, but functionally, these items are as good as new. (A few items are new or have more use, this is clearly marked.) Unless noted, only one/one pair of each item is available.

The prices do not include shipping. Payment is by PayPal only. First come, first serve – e-mail (heine94 at earthlink dot net) with your list of items you want to buy, we’ll confirm what we still have, you pay, we ship. It’s that simple. The prices are low, so things will go fast. No photos, sorry.

Note: Apart from Grand Bois products, none of these carry any warranty from Bicycle Quarterly or Compass Bicycles.

A few brand-new or collector-interest items are on e-bay:

650B Tires

  • Mitsuboshi Trimline 650B x 38 mm, new: $100/pair (2 pair available)
  • Grand Bois Lierre 650B x 38 mm gumwall prototype (heavier, much more cut-resistant), new: $100/pair
  • Grand Bois Hetre 650B x 42 mm (red): $70/pair SOLD
  • Grand Bois Ourson 650B x 36 mm (dirty): $40/pair SOLD
  • Grand Bois Cypres 650B x 32 mm (gumwall, wire bead, heavy), new: $25 (single tire)
  • Panaracer Col de la Vie 650B x 35 mm: $25/pair
  • Hutchinson Globetrotter 650B x 40 mm (utility tire, gumwall), new: $25/pair
  • Michelin World Traveler 650B x 35 mm (gumwall), new: $25/pair (2 pairs available)
  • Vredestein 650B x 44 mm (gumwall), new: $25/pair SOLD
  • Schwalbe Marathon 650B x 42 mm: $40/pair SOLD
  • Duro prototype tires, 650B x 42 mm (“supple” all-black prototypes made for Kogswell): $25/pair SOLD
  • Kenda 650B x 44 mm tires (all black): $10/pair SOLD

700C Tires

  • Challenge Triathlon tires (the fastest tires available today, still from the hand-glued production, new in the box): $100/pair SOLD
  • Pariba “Hand-Made” 700C x 25 mm (all-black, very nice rolling): $60/pair SOLD
  • Rivendell Rolly-Polly: $15 (1 tire) SOLD
  • Rivendell Ruffy-Tuffy, new in package: $ 25 (1 tire) SOLD
  • Vittoria Rubino 700C x 25 mm: $30/pair SOLD
  • Vittoria Rubino 700C x 23 mm: $25/pair (1 pair left)
  • Panaracer Pasela 700C x 32 mm (non-Tourguard): $20/pair SOLD
  • Panaracer Pasela Tourguard 700C x 32 mm: $ 20/pair SOLD
  • Schwalbe Marathon 700C x 42 mm: $40/pair SOLD
  • Schwalbe Marathon 700C x 32 mm, new: $45/pair SOLD
  • Michelin Axial Select tires (nice gumwall, relatively light, used on 1990s Alex Singers) 700C x 25 mm, 4 wire bead, one Kevlar bead, new, but somewhat dry: $40 for all 5.


  • Grand Bois 700C x 32 hole, new, light scratches on outside diameter: $60 (buy this and one brand-new rim for $150)
  • Fir EL45 700C x 36 hole, similar to Mavic MA-40, some use: $5 SOLD
  • Sun CR-18 700C x 48 hole, light use: $5 SOLD
  • Mavic T-261 700C x 48 hole rim, new: $10 SOLD
  • Mavic Module E (polished silver), 27″ x 36 hole, new: $30
  • Velocity Aerohead 24″ (540 mm) x 36 hole, new: $30/pair


  • FSA Gossamer compact, 175 mm, 50-34, black, integrated BB: $70 with BB (2 available); $30 w/o BB
  • Ritchey Logic Triple (the classic!), 172.5 mm, 44/40/24 TA/Syncros rings, Sugino Autex self-extracting bolts, OK condition, anodizing worn off (polish or use as is): $30 SOLD
  • Campagnolo 1990s crank, 172.5 mm, professionally modified to triple, good condition: 50/40/28: $30 SOLD
  • Shimano first-generation Ultegra (1988?) cranks, silver, 170 mm, 53/42, very good condition: $30 
  • Campagnolo C-Record 1990s cranks, 175 mm, bad condition, lots of rubbing wear, no rings, but with self-extracting bolts: $10
  • Velo-Orange “TA copy” cranks, 46-30, 170 mm, 4000 miles, dirty: $30 SOLD
  • Velo-Orange BB 118 mm, new: $15 SOLD
  • TA “Pro 5 vis” (Cyclotourist) tandem crankarm, right-side arm, no rings, 165 mm: $20


  • Shimano 105 derailleurs, STI levers (ca. 2008), mounted on Ritchey Comp handlebars: $70/set (3 sets) SOLD


  • Cane Creek SCR 3L brakes, “long” reach: $50/set (2 sets)
  • Dia-Compe 287 brake levers (aero, for cantilever brakes), much use, but still very good: $15/set


  • Lumotec round Halogen light, with switch for generator hub, includes spare bulb, new: $15 (2 available)
  • First order gets a Zefal “Universal” light mount to mount the light to an aluminum front rack. SOLD


  • Ritchey Comp road seatpost, superlight, 27.2 mm: $20 (2 available)
  • Ritchey Comp road stem, Ahead, 100 mm: $20 (2 available)
  • Selle San Marco Ischia saddles, very comfortable: $20 (3 available)
  • Cinelli Giro d’Italia handlebars, 64-40 (40 cm wide), new logo, OK condition, some scratches: $10 SOLD

U.S. shipping:

  • tires are $12 for two tires (four tires if folding), $ 20 for orders of more than 4 tires.
  • rims: $20 regardless of quantity.
  • Components: $10-20 depending on quantity
  • Ask about international shipping.

Prices are good until sale ends. We’ll update the site periodically to show what remains available. All proceeds will go to charity.

About Jan Heine, Editor, Bicycle Quarterly

Spirited rides that zig-zag across mountain ranges. Bicycle Quarterly magazine and its sister company, Compass Cycles, that turns our research into the high-performance components we need for our adventures.
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