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Fully Equipped Bikes – Follow-Up

A little while ago, we talked about how sports cars are equipped with lights and fenders, and nobody thinks they are less sporty for it. Performance bicycles don’t have lights and fenders, because most “weekend warriors” don’t think they need … Continue reading

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PBP Training: Recovery

In the past, we’ve discussed hill intervals and how they make you stronger. They’ve certainly worked for me this spring, as I achieved one of my big goals this year: I completed my Cyclos Montagnards R60 Honors. You get faster … Continue reading

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Summer 2011 Bicycle Quarterly

Happy Solstice! This means that summer officially has started, and the Summer issue of Bicycle Quarterly is at the printer. It will be mailed next week. The topics include: Do larger wheels roll faster on bumpy roads than small ones? … Continue reading

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Fully Integrated Design

Car drivers are lucky: They can buy sports cars that are fully equipped to be driven in the rain and even at night. And their fenders rarely rattle loose, their lights don’t fall off, and most car owners think little … Continue reading

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A Visit to Nitto

Our friends from Tokyo Fixed in London visited Nitto and took this neat video. In addition to their own products, Nitto makes Grand Bois handlebars and racks. Enjoy!

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A Performance Bike

In recent years, the bike industry has realized that most riders don’t race, and so the racing bike has been renamed: It’s now called a “road bike” or a “performance bike.” In the minds of most cyclists, a performance bike … Continue reading

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PBP Training: Hill Intervals

Whether you are training for Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP), a century ride or racing, speed is an essential part of a successful event. Simply put, the faster you are able to ride, the more enjoyable (and less stressful) your ride will be. … Continue reading

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