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Wide-Body SON Delux Generator Hub

I am excited about the new Wide-Body SON Delux generator hub. It allows you to enjoy a super-strong wheel, yet roll along with the less resistance than other generator hubs. It is available now in limited quantities with 32 or … Continue reading

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People who have inspired us: Grant Petersen

An endeavor like Bicycle Quarterly does not happen out of the blue. There are many people who influence us as we develop tastes and ideas outside the mainstream. A major influence for me was Grant Petersen. Grant was influential in … Continue reading

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PBP: The Movie

Last week, Sur la Route de l’Extreme by Sandrine Lopez and Philip Dupuis was shown on French TV. It’s a well-done documentary of this year’s PBP, with beautiful shots showing the variety of randonneurs who participate, from the fastest to … Continue reading

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Bike Tests

Good bike tests provide information that allow you to choose a bike that is right for you. Your bike need not look like the one that was tested, because it often can be customized to your personal tastes. When we … Continue reading

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The Technical Trials

The Technical Trials are best known for the incredibly light bicycles that constructeurs built in the 1940s. (The 1946 Alex Singer above weighs a little over 17 pounds fully equipped.) More importantly, the Trials advanced bicycle technology by serving as … Continue reading

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Pre-Orders for René Herse Cranks

Developing an excellent product takes time and care. The first run of our new René Herse cranks has been forged. Above, you see a raw forging being removed from the forging die. Above are the raw forgings for the crankarms … Continue reading

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Charity Drive: Thank You!

The Bicycle Quarterly charity drive was a success. Together with our readers, we raised almost $2000 for charity. Thank you to all who contributed.

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New LED Taillight Solutions

Taillights can be very elegant and beautiful. Some are shaped like raindrops, others emerge from the fender like a submarine parting the waves. There are minimalist taillights like the beautiful JOS lights that René Herse mounted on the seat tubes … Continue reading

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Bicycle Quarterly Charity Drive

We are grateful that we can ride beautiful bicycles, both for enjoyment and for transportation. We discuss issues like geometry, load placement and the advantages of generator over battery lights. Much of the world is less fortunate. Even in the … Continue reading

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Bottle Cages

When I knew Ernest Cuska, the long-time owner of Cycles Alex Singer, he did not have bottle cages on his bikes. After riding with him a few times, I realized why: He did not drink anything while riding. Imagine my … Continue reading

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Gift Ideas from Compass Bicycles

With the holidays approaching, and many relatives and friends wondering about what to give to their favorite cyclist, here are some great gift ideas. Forward them to anybody who asks “What would you like for …” Click on the links … Continue reading

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